About Us

AYM Limited

So where do we start when we explain who we are at  Accelerate Your Marketing Limited and what we do… 

Well put simply we are  vehicle enthusiasts and we love cars, bikes and basically anything with  an engine that is sporty or is just that  bit special and can accelerate, because if it aint Accelerating it is  probably not one of ours… 

We have a strong philosophy of working hard  and getting it right, in agreed time frames and have fun while doing it,  preferably with like minded people who want  to enjoy their vehicles and investments as we do… 

For many years we successfully ran the Gold RV  sponsored Race Team and its numerous race vehicles in the MSA and FIA  Drag Racing events, as well as purchasing and selling all the support  vehicles that it owned and operated throughout Scandinavia,  Europe and even in the USA. Of course with the our input on Sponsorship  , Team Logistics, Training and that all important bit of being  successful on track which we are pleased to say the record books will  speak for themselves with various track records and  FIA wins to its name, Gold RV Racing proved a very successful campaign  all round, even helping promote Drag Racing in Europe and assisting  other race teams by way of associate sponsorship as well as raising  awareness and funds for Bloodwise and the NSPCC charities  along the way to.

Over the 14 years Gold RV’s investment in  sponsoring Gold RV Racing Limited and associated marketing schemes  definitely contributed to at least £1.5M of sales, this was a very  successful marketing Campaign for Gold RV Sale & Service Limited.  The complete A Fuel Gold RV Racing Setup was successfully sold in 2011  and with some initial crew chief and logistical assistance by Derek an  FIA win was soon obtained for the new team as well as setting yet more  track records. Derek then travelled to the  USA for a number of NHRA race meetings where he assisted in various  roles on several USA teams.

Since then for a bit of fun we bought back one of  our record breaking Super Pro Car chassis only and built it back up to  where it once was and ran it successfully with Nigel Turner, Derek  Flynn, Peter Walters and got Aaron Fensome his Super  Pro Licence and he loved it so much he subsequently bought the complete  race setup with the spare engine going to Duncan Beard and the  ThunderGod team, good luck for this year guys and you know where we are  and how to contact us for  any further assistance  as we love the stuff we have built and tuned and offer great support  for the right people who get us and appreciate dealing with an honest,  knowledgeable vehicle specialist… 

We are still heavily involved with the drag racing  scene sponsoring Eurodragster.com, Class sponsors for ET Bike as well as  Super Twin Top Gas and have continued where Gold RV left off and we now  sponsor the Super Pro Class as well as the  Accelerate for a cause and a cure number 1 Qualifier. John is also to  debut a race car on the hollowed strip of Santa Pod and gain his drag  race licence. Derek and John have had a passion for circuit racing as  well and we are looking forward to some track  days. 

The Company


The  Company was started in February 2004 by Derek & Fiona Flynn and as  part of sponsorship agreements with regard to naming rights the Company  was Named  Gold RV Racing Limited, we still have a very close relationship with  Gold RV as we and enjoy and run several RVs. In June 2014 the Company  changed its name to Accelerate Your Marketing Limited as sponsorship  naming rights had ended. This is when Derek & John  got back to working together on various Cars, Bikes, RVs, Trailers and  projects that were and now are going on. 

 When  Derek was diagnosed with the blood cancer Myeloma and knowing the  treatment plan that was involved, John decided he wanted to add  his own unique  skill set to an already exciting company and assist on a more formal  basis and is now Technical Director and 40% owner of the company and  will assist with running Accelerate, as well as getting some of his own  rather neat projects back underway and completed as  well that of “our customers” 


So  the company is owned and operated by vehicle enthusiasts, John Clark  Technical Director, Fiona Flynn Director and Company Secretary and Derek  Flynn.

Accelerate Your Dreams


We love a good classic and are currently working on  some very neat projects so take a moment to look around to try and get  to know us a bit and what we are about… The various vehicles we have  dealt in since 2004 and some of the interesting  vehicles we have successfully run and on sold to be further enjoyed by  another happy Accelerate client.

Over the many years Accelerate has built an  absolute Army of people who assist us to do what we do and we have great  contacts all around the world. We use specialised people who know there  trade and as well as our own well equipped workshop  we have access to some really great machine shops, machinists and other  race workshops who know and can meet our exacting standards and  needs.   

We would be happy to assist any client Accelerate  their dreams goals or aspirations whether that be helping you in  purchasing your complete racing project or helping you build it up over  time. 

We can also assist in attracting and obtaining  sponsors and have excellent designers and presentation material that can  be tailored so as you stand out from the crowd. You should always ask  what does your sponsor want from you and not what  you want from your sponsor.

We have equipment and facilities to assist you Tell us what you want to do - The project and budget you have in mind - Then once we all agree what you want and that we can do it with you, then we will make it happen!

We are sure you will really appreciate what Accelerate has to offer as our past clients can attest too. 

So if you are looking for a track car, sports car  or even a full out race car or any type of support vehicle or trailer we  can help or perhaps you just want to have some fun in or on a cool car  or bike or even just looking for a daily driver  that’s fine by us too give us a call we are happy to help but tyre  kickers, time wasters please let us get on Accelerating our services for  genuine people and customers. From time to time we shall have events  where projects and events will be attended and  we would be happy for you to kick the tyres chew the fat and have a  good time admiring our handy work and achievements. However owning and  operating a workshop is space time and money and we charge for all these  services up front unless stage payments have  been agreed and signed off.

During the years we have successfully maintained,  serviced, tuned and sold many vehicles, race cars, American Cars, RVs,  Trucks and Trailers and various support vehicles as well as motorbikes  to a very happy client base who are all out  there enjoying their investments. Why don’t you join them and us and  Accelerate your dreams!

Life is too short, put a smile on your face and Drive an AYM Special… We Do!


Derek Flynn in the Gold RV A-Fuel Dragster