Project M71 Revival

Accelerate's Technical Director, John Clark, is a real proponent of Lotus cars, in particular the Esprit. He has owned an original Giugiaro Turbo Esprit since the early 90s but in a true "AYM Special" approach he is reviving Lotus Cars' project to endow it with the multi-cylinder engine power it always yearned for.

Lotus originally had a plan to develop and install a V8, the Lotus Type 909 engine into the Esprit and that was denoted by the internal name "Project M71".  Only a few examples of the engine were produced and the because of the 70s oil crisis, the alternative approach, a turbocharged version of the 4 cylinder 910 engine won out and that meant the orginal Giugiaro "folded paper" wedge Esprit (of James Bond fame) never received V8 power.

Well that just won't do, will it... and here at Accelerate we agree what we want and make it happen... So let's finish Project M71 and while we're at it, let's replace the entire mechanics of the car with Lotus GT1 world endurance race car specification parts