AYM Sponsorship Proposals


Let Us Accelerate Your Marketing

Our uniquely tailored approach to sponsorship will get you noticed. 274 MPH Marketing that works.

From what would be a road whopping 500 HP to nearly 15,000 BHP on track as well as on show and SantaPod never fails to impress.

Excellent Team Days or even a weekend away camping or RV'ing as we say, for you and your family, as well as that of your friends as well as sponsors.  Great in the pits action can be observed  at all event even if the weather Gods are not with us, which is where the phrase taking a rain check supposedly came from.  Also grandstand seats  are available or sit and or stand with the hard core fans on the bank. 

Why don't you Accelerate your peopasal and don't just ask for what you want from your sponsors, tell them what it is you can do for them 



Sportsmans classes such as Super Pro ET offer great value sponsorship opportunities

Sportsmans classes such as Super Pro which are some of the quicker sportsmans cars on track and some are chasing that Dennis Priddle 6 second run and no one forgets the first magic 200 MPH run. From a standing start 0 - 100 MPH in just over one second is not hanging around. Excellent and affordable sponsorship opportunities exist in these Classes.


Accelerate and WIN WIN WIN