Excellent Condition

This is a quick hot hatch that has been modified to be more reliable than factory as well as more fuel efficient. It now boasts a few more horse power than standard that will just make you smile. This GTI just wants to go and handles well too, a real salute to the GTI of yester year that won oh so many hearts.

  • Forge Motorsport 

                                Larger Front Mounted Intercooler *

                                Hard pipes

                                Turbo Relief Valve **

  • GTS Race Chip Tuning ***
  • K&N Air Filter
  • Estimate Current HP to be 250 plus
  • Only 18,500 miles
  • 1 year MOT
  • New Pirelli Tyres
  • Fully serviced and tuned
  • Warranty available
  • 1 previous owner 
  • Manual gearbox - 6 speed
  • Alloy wheels
  • Electric windows
  • Climate control
  • Full service history#

* Forge Motorsport Intercooler with Hard Pipes as we have on this 208 GTI AYM Special

The stock intercooler on the 208 GTi is the same compromised side mount intercooler used on the 207 GTi so we know its not up to the job even on a stock car. On a remapped engine with the stock intercooler we were seeing inlet temperatures of 105 deg C (215 deg F) – the highest we have recorded on any car ever! This has a huge detrimental effect on power and torque

Our intercooler is a full replacement single pass (left to right) core which mounts to the stock crash bar in the car. The pipework supplied with our intercooler joins to the pipes that connected to the stock intercooler so installation is easy. The only cutting needed is to the ducting on the radiator to allow the pipework to pass through. All the silicon hoses, hard pipes, clips, bolts, nuts and jubilee clips needed to install the intercooler are included, along with full colour installation instructions.

Performance wise the car we used had a Superchips remap. We tested the stock intercooler and our intercooler back to back on the same day and the increases were dramatic

Intake temperature dropped form 105 deg C to 45 deg C - a drop of 60 deg

Power went from 190bhp to 224 bhp – an increase of 34bhp

Torque went from 222 lbft to 244 lbft – an increase of 22 lbft

You can look at the dyno graph comparison of the intercooler showing the increase in performance, but PLEASE REMEMBER this was specific to the car we had in for testing, and you may not get the same results from a stock or mildly tuned car.

** Forge Motorsport Billet Blow Off Valve

Designed specifically for the Peugeot 208 GTi late 2012 onwards. This product is either recommended where the boost pressure has been increased by an ECU software upgrade, for those wanting a loud blow off sound, or simply as a solution to the many failures that have occurred. The most common complaint on the OEM solenoid valve is a split diaphragm preventing the valve from opening fully, or not at all. This doesn’t always result in a check engine light as the valve can still be blown open by the boost pressure. We have seen many valves with this problem (see image above).

The other problem is that diaphragm retaining ring is made from very thin plastic that goes brittle with heat cycles and oil contamination, and eventually fails. This prevents the diaphragm from sealing with the same problems as mentioned above. This particular failure also results in the valve falling apart upon removal from the turbo, though in extreme cases bits of plastic can enter the turbo and destroy it. (see image above)

Our alternative is a fully engineered solution offering both significantly improved reliability. Our valve is piston based, with no diaphragm to fail, and of all aluminium construction, it replaces the original unit with a pressure/vacuum operated piston valve that still also retains the desirable OEM ECU control over valve actuation. The valve has been proved on the VAG scene for many years. The spring is interchangeable for different levels of boost, and the solenoid is plug and play with the wiring harness which is included.

*** Race Chip

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